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DVD Disc Duplication

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Difference between duplication and replication



Small runs of up to 1000 discs Larger runs of 1000 + discs
Media - Blu-ray, DVD, CD writable discs Media - Glass master method
Printing - Inkjet Printing - Silkscreen
Faster turnaround time, can be within 24 hours Longer turnaround time, usually from 1 week - a month
Cannot be used for commercial sales Method accepted for commercial sales
Colour accuracy not guaranteed, may fade with time and can smudge. Silkscreen printing is very accurate to the original
Can experience compatibility problems in older players Should not experience any compatibility problems

To sum up: If you require less than 1000 discs copied and are not fussy about the lable, and do not intend to sell them in retail outlets, then duplication is the way to go.

We only offer a duplication service, for replication we recommend you contact Lotuson Trading

NEW: We now offer USB stick duplication. Price is based on the amount of data to be duplicated.


Setup Fee - Free


DVD - White Printable (4.7 Gb) R3.90
DVD - Silver Printable (4.7 Gb) R3.90
Duel Layer DVD - White Printable (8.5Gb) R11.90
Blu-ray - White Printable (25Gb) R17.90
CD - White Printable (700mb) R3.40
These are high quality unbranded discs


(disc burning)
DVD (4.7Gb) R2.00
Duel Layer DVD (8.5Gb) R3.00
Blu-ray (25Gb) R5.00
CD (700mb) R1.50


Printing of disc surface

(inkjet full colour)
Disc full surface coverage R3.50
Disc text coverage R2.80



DVD box - Clear/white - High quality 1 or 2 discs R6.90
DVD box - Black -  1 or 2 discs R4.90
DVD box - Black -  3 or 4 discs R6.90
DVD box - Black - 6 discs R8.90
Blu-ray case (light blue) holds 1 disc R6.90
D-Shape shell - 1 or 2 disc R5.50
Jewel Case R5.90
Paper disc envelope R0.85
Plastic disc envelope R1.90
There are many other combination, please enquire.

Covers (Colour Laser Print)

DVD box cover R7.00
Jewel Case cover R12.00

USB Duplication

(Cost of USB stick is NOT included)
USB 0Gb - 4Gb data per stick R2.00
USB - 4.1Gb - 8Gb data per stick R4.00
USB - 8.1Gb - 12Gb data per stick R6.00
USB 12.1Gb - 16Gb data per stick R8.00

Turnaround Time - 3 working days then 1 day per 1 000 discs.  eg 1000 discs in 3 days, 2000 discs in 4 days.
NB: Depending on availability of stock and work load.

This must be supplied in Jpeg format (RGB). We print with inkjet printers so there can be a slight variation in colour between discs.  It is best that you view a sample before we commence a long run.

Due to the short turn around time we require full payment up front.

Prices are only a guide and can change without notice. E.&O.E

 Duplicator Machines

Duplicator Machines

DVD box with cover

DVD box with full colour cover

 DVD box inside

DVD box black for 2 dics

 D-shell with DVD silver disc


 Jewwl case

Jewel Case

Disc Paper Envelope

Disc Paper Envelope

Business card discs

Business Card Discs